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How do you schedule nurse observer independent medical examination attendance services?

All I need is for you to send me an email with the following:

  • Date and time of appointment
  • Name of retaining attorney
  • Name of client
  • Name of doctor
  • Address of retaining attorney
  • Address of doctor's office
Please be looking for a confirming email from me back to you—IF YOU DON’T GET THIS CONFIRMING EMAIL BACK FROM ME, THEN THIS MEANS I DIDN’T GET YOUR EMAIL TO ME.

Observing and recording independent medical examinations

  • Observing independent medical examinations.
  • Recording independent medical examinations.
  • Typing nurse observer report which is basically a transcription of the words spoken on the audio recording as well as notes of what the nurse saw while observing.
  • Compare nurse observer independent medical examinations reports with the IME physician's reports to identify any of the doctor's inaccuracies.
  • Assist plaintiff attorney in formulating deposition questions to be asked of the independent medical examination doctor.
  • Serve as expert witness in my medical-surgical and orthopedic nursing specialties.
  • Identify deviations from and adherence to the standards of care/regulatory requirements.
  • Assess damages and causation relative to health care issues.
  • Prepare brief or comprehensive written reports.
  • Formulate written chronologies or timelines of events and compare to allegations.
  • Ascertain and review relevant hospital policies and procedures.
  • Analyze and compare expert witness declarations.
  • Assist with request for production, interrogatories and depositions.
  • Detect record tampering and identify missing documentation.
  • Prepare indexes and summaries of depositions.
  • Locate and prepare demonstrative evidence.

Please ask me to read you the list of Los Angeles, Orange County, and Southern California Attorneys that I have provided IME nurse observer and other professional services to. You should know at least one of them that I have attended independent medical examinations for and you can call them yourself to verify my level of expertise and reliability.   While the vast majority of my clients are members of the Consumer Attorneys of Association of Los Angeles (CAALA), I have done work for attorneys in numerous other states and of course for local attorneys who don’t happen to be members of this organization.

The thousands of IMEs that I have attended, observing and recording, as well as stopping unauthorized questions, has given me a level of experience that is unrivaled in the field.  The great familiarity that I have with 99% of the defense doctor’s offices in Southern California provides invaluable insight and preparation into what to expect at each of the doctor’s offices.  The professional services that I provide are consistently of the highest caliber possible and this is why my client base is so extensive and loyal. 

My audio recording is very high quality and observing independent medical examinations is our specialty so the work product that we provide is excellent and has practical usefulness to the plaintiff attorney in mediation/arbitration, settlement, and if necessary at trial.  The legal nurse consultant services that I provide reflect the awesome specialized University education that I received in my area of litigation support. 

Contact us now to schedule attendance at your client's IME anywhere in Los Angeles County, Orange County, and throughout Southern California

Michael Haiby, RN

Phone: (661) 252-3435
Cell: (661) 414-6972

Michael Haiby, RN provides the service of independent medical examination nurse observer to plaintiff attorneys. Plaintiff individuals may ask the attorney's office to make contact for more information on IME nurse observer services-- only an attorney can give legal advice.